Video: Is Milk Good for our Bones?

Vox Populi

For decades, Dairy Councils sponsored by state governments across the United States have carried on aggressive ad campaigns and educational programs promoting the practice of drinking milk to ensure we get enough calcium. But is it true that drinking milk is good for our bones?


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poem- see love

Shawn L. Bird

As these lines came into my head, they came on a suspiciously familiar tune, so I think of these as song lyrics, and I will have to see if my harp and I can turn them into a song at some point.  In the meantime, they’re a poem.  (I wouldn’t hold your breath for the music, just so you know).


You don’t look.

You don’t see.

You don’t hear.

You don’t speak

words she needs you to speak.

You’re not listening

when her heart weeps.

You don’t hear.

You don’t hear!

Please come here.

You must look.

You must see

what she’s trying desperately

to help you see.

You must hear

how she’s struggling with her fears.

You must speak,

whisper love,

for that’s all she truly seeks.






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